An Interesting State of Consciousness: Lucid Dream

Written by Brett Weiss

July 2019

Image by 95C from Pixabay

I wrote the following after waking up this morning from one of the most interesting lucid dreams that I can recall having (I have frequent lucid dreams):

I just awoke from one of the most interesting lucid dreams I’ve ever had.  The message of the dream was about creative consciousness and how I have access to some ideas like some great minds of science and art.  Then, I started seeing amazing shapes zipping along a conveyor belt; and the dream showed me how when I woke up, I could actually make these shapes and images out of transparent colored papers and other tools.  Then, I saw my old friend from Iowa riding a bicycle but he was much younger than when I knew him and with a beard.  Then, I just let myself fall and fell continuously as I watched stars and universal shapes go by. At that point, I could have had a jerking reaction to awaken myself from a dream of falling; but I trusted my dream such that I just let myself continuously fall.  A really interesting and novel song came on, and the dream told me to wake up and write the song down.  It was a long song filled with interesting lyrics.  I wrote the first two lines, which was all I could remember when I woke up, “The wind comes trailing in.  It goes round and round and round.  Up the monkey’s tailpipe lungs.  It swirls round and round and round.”  

I wrote another article about lucid dreaming previously and found this state of consciousness quite interesting.

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